4 days/3 Nights Residential workshop “Past life regression training” at Rishikesh on 23rd-26th June,2023

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Revolutionary Thought Therapy

Dis-ease creating thoughts, first disturbs your mind, then your emotions and then settles in cells of your physical body creating disease there.
Get resolved these thoughts and recover from sickness, stress.
*Quick Result
*No Touch-No Drug
* Remove Root Causes.

Resolve your sufferings

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Healing sessions are given In-person as well as ONLINE

“No Touch -No Medicine” Therapies
Relief from root cause.


physical sickness

"I have undergone Past life Regression and my chest pain got healed post the session. Awesome experience"

Ankit sharma

Undiagnosed/ No-Cure

Diseases which have not been diagnosed even after tests Diseases diagnosed but has no Cure! Unexplained pain in any part of the body

Chronic Physical illness

Asthma, migraine, kidney or heart problems, back pain, neurological disorder, eye problems, partial paralysis, skin problem and any other issues…



"It was a lifetime experience which healed me within."

Deepika sharma

Depression Management

Suicidal tendencies, Sadness, Anger, Irritation, Guilt, fear of survival-heavy losses, losing loved ones

Relationship Issues

Emotional issue with anyone, Rejection in love, Divorce hurts, Betrayal , Conflicts, any issue

Inner Conflicts

Might struggle with an emotional problem such as fear of intimacy or abandonment

Fear and Phobias

Any kind of fear- in Lift , fire , water, storm, crowd, fear of speaking, dogs or any fear that seem unconnected to an experience in current life

Dominant emotions

Dominant attitudes or emotions that seem persist throughout your life e.g I will be alone etc.

Mental issues

physical sickness

Work load stress, Tensions on family front ,Personal issues

Failure pattern

Every time working hard and but similar kind of failures, Job instability, repeated failures in business, financial losses, future worries

Student Corner

physical sickness

Selection of right career; Enhance concentration, Build up confidence, Exam fear, win over weaknesses, other teenager issues

Amazing Tharapies

One or more therapies are often inappropriately integrated to heal an issue for optimum relief addressing root cause in a short time without any side effect. These therapies are based on “ No Touch-No Medicine “ basis.

Reasons to choose us

  • Utmost dedication in friendly atmosphere.
  • Understand with your perceptive your issue and need.
  • Our expertise in diagnosis of root causes of diseases/issues.
  • Highly skilled in art of healing with best integration in key therapies.
  • Very fast recovery, overall well being.
  • Privacy as per your expectation.

Did You Know

Therapy helps you heal after surgery and in some cases, it can be a substitute to surgery.
Testimonial 1
S N Tiwari

My wife was suffering since many years from severe sickness with headache,dizziness,breathlessness,heart palpitation,trembling,gas trouble etc. I have been taking her for treatments to many cities but in spite undergoing all available traditional medical treatments , health conditions did not improve.Finally, on Advice of someone, I took my wife, in her very deteriorated condition, to Amar Chaturvedi's centre Mathura ,where he gave one therapy.Her condition improved there and subsequently after few therapies her health condition has regained to normal and now she is quite ok.

Testimonial 1
New Delhi

Healing Plus has really helped me in my current life. I feel there is a lot of scope in this therapy to get better in today's stressful life and pains. I was having relationship issues, and stress in mind, phobia, and suffering from superiority complexes until I came to Healing Plus and after that it was like a magic wand. All is well now and I feel relaxed.

Testimonial 1
Ankit Sharma
New Delhi

“I have undergone with Past life Regression and my chest pain got healed post the session. Awesome experience.” Ankit Sharma

Testimonial 1
Pranav Pandey
New Delhi

it had a drastic impact on me, not just for my stomach problems, which are now as if I never had them in the first place...(The first time I heard of this phrase resulted in emotions of awe and disbelief, both simultaneously as a result of my logical and somewhat secular upbringing. But as it's said, "when destiny calls, you better answer", I am most thankful that my destiny called n I happened to answer. I was suffering from severe stomach disturbances for over a decade, sometimes in form of IBS, or loose motions, or constipation. Recently, since about 2 years it had become so severe that I was afraid of eating anything as it may result in untimely bowl movement. The condition was so bad that it had become a task for me to go and give my exams (I am preparing for UPSC). I had to wake up at, atleast 4 am for a exam that would start at 9.30 am, just so that there would be no problem related to my stomach while giving the paper. Moreover I had to stay starved till 5 pm when my paper ends (there are 2 papers in a day with a 3 hr gap in between). This is just an example, n I had to suffer like this at several instances. I was dreaded of the thought of a 9 to 5 job and how I would manage it. Regarding therapy I had tried everything there is in the book, from allopathy to homeopathy to ayurveda to the gharelu dadi k nuskhe, but to no avail. This was till I went through PLR by Dr. Amar Chaturvedi. Believe me it was a life turning moment. Disregarding the fact that I now have a story, much better that any Bollywood or Hollywood movie I have seen till date (just kidding), it had a drastic impact on me, not just for my stomach problems, which are now as if I never had them in the first place, but also on my Psychy, and a positive one at that. I can't comment much on the psychological aspect as I am currently evaluating and comprehending it. Overall I feel blessed by my Gurumaharaj who made it such that I could meet Dr. Amar. I have undergone with Past life Regression and My chest pain got healed post the session. Awesome experience. A heart felt thank you.

Testimonial 1
Shalini Mishra

I really dont know from where to start.... I am soo blessed that uncle came in my life as a saviour. my life so depressed and so complicated but he helped me to recover and guide me so much in every situation. Now he is like my God Father who is always with me and his healing treatment is so amazing that you become a new person with so much of confident and smart. And capable to face any problem.

Testimonial 1
Naresh Sharma
Uttar Pardesh

I was passing through a tough phase of my life and was not able to find out any solution. I came to know about therapies of Healing Plus. I visited there and explained my issues to Shri Amar Chaturvedi ji. He analyzed the issues thoroughly and gave me some sessions of healing therapies. I have found a tremendous change in my situation and now I am in a much better situation. I convey my sincere gratitude to Shri Amar Chaturvedi ji for transforming my life beautifully. Naresh Sharma

Testimonial 1
Mudita Srivastava

“The PLR made me know the reason behind current pattern of my life and the therapy session helped me gain inner strength and confidence. Making my soul strengthen . It feels really great and positive now. I am very much blessed and thankful to healing plus.”

Testimonial 1
Lalit Kishor

“Since many months I was feeling mentally tired and slow, so my performance in office was very low. I took up 2 sessions in Healing Plus and my mental energy level and refreshes has increased a lot. Now office appreciate my results. Thanks a lot to healing plus.”

Testimonial 1
Saksham Srivastava

I would thank god for introducing A.N Chaturvedi uncle at right time of my life. With things arising to start ,making it difficult for me face I started fearing and losing confidence. The PLR made me know the reason behind it and the therapy session helped me gain inner strength and confidence. Making my soul strengthen . It feels really great and positive now. I am very much blessed and thankful to him.

Testimonial 1
Dr. Krishna Kumar

“Hi myself Dr Krishna Kumar from Pushpanjali hospital Agra attended the workshop conducted by healing Plus hear at Vrindavan. Truly telling experience was very awesome I was inspired a lot from our respected guruji Amar Chaturvedi ji from his knowledge and extraordinary skill of presentation and demo of PRL and their role in solving the life problem at the route level. Beside this Past live regression session was completely a new thing for me. Totally it was very wonderful life experience for me here at the workshop, in the near future I love to spend equality time like this in the process of learning of life principles.”

Testimonial 1
Nita Mahajan

Had a wonderful experience, physical, mental and spiritual, attending this unique power packed Workshop on Past life Regression. Lot of energy & enthusiasm was clearly visible in each of the sessions. The workshop provided acquaintance with various tools, techniques and skills of PLR process. Undergoing past life regression myself led to greater understanding/insight into various dimensions of myself, my purpose, my mental & emotional patterns and behaviour and subsequent healing, and more importantly where I am going from here. Additionally, the serenity and scenic beauty of the venue added more charm and tranquillity needed for the workshop.


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