Revolutionary Thought Therapy

Dis-ease creating thoughts, first disturbs your mind, then your emotions and then settles in cells of your physical body creating disease there.
Get resolved these thoughts and recover from sickness, stress.
*Quick Result
*No Touch-No Drug
* Remove Root Causes.

Reasons to choose us

  • Utmost dedication in friendly atmosphere.
  • Understand with your perceptive your issue and need.
  • Our expertise in diagnosis of root causes of diseases/issues.
  • Highly skilled in art of healing with best integration in key therapies.
  • Very fast recovery, overall well being.
  • Privacy as per your expectation.

Did You Know

Therapy helps you heal after surgery and in some cases, it can be a substitute to surgery.
Our Consultant

Provide Solution For

Undiganosed/ No-Cure
Diseases which have not been diagnosed even after Test or Diseases diagnosed but has no Cure!
Cronic Physical illness
Asthma, migraine, unexplained pain in any part of the body.
Irritating Behavior
Compleax behavior patterns that have persisted over time, despite attempts to change.
Relationship issues
If you are experiencing any extreme issues with any relationship occuring in your life.
Fear and Phobias
Any kind of fear that seem unconnected to an experience in current life.
Performance Enhancement
Every time some action is performed and it results in a similar kind of faliure.
Anxieties Management
Worries on heavy financial losses, Successive failure inspite of best efforts,excessive worries on an issue.
Depression Management
Suicidal tendencies, Sadness, Anger, Irritation, Guilt exctra- Any of these after a Point.
Dissove Inner Conflicts
Might struggle with an emotional problem such as fear of intimacy or abandonment.
Dominent emotions
Dominant attitudes or emotions that seem persist throughout your life.
Anger Management
Can not control your anger-ness thats why creates big problems. How to contorl?

Amazing Tharapies

Our Team

Well Talented & Well Trained

Our team realized that traditional medical treatment have its own limitations and provide relief to some extent only to some physical diseases. In many cases, either people have no solutions or compromising lifelong with medicines. Moreover it is addressing at symptom level's only and not working on root causes of diseases.
Whereas hardly any solution for relieving emotional and mental stress, which are on rise in nowadays time.
Our team members launched this forum whereby they can providing holistic healings resolving there suffering's and fill their life with good health ,joy and happiness.


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Testimonial 1
S N Tiwari

My wife was suffering since many years from severe sickness with headache,dizziness,breathlessness,heart palpitation,trembling,gas trouble etc. I have been taking her for treatments to many cities but in spite undergoing all available traditional medical treatments , health conditions did not improve.Finally, on Advice of someone, I took my wife, in her very deteriorated condition, to Amar Chaturvedi's centre Mathura ,where he gave one therapy.Her condition improved there and subsequently after few therapies her health condition has regained to normal and now she is quite ok.

Testimonial 1
New Delhi

Healing Plus has really helped me in my current life. I feel there is a lot of scope in this therapy to get better in today's stressful life and pains. I was having relationship issues, and stress in mind, phobia, and suffering from superiority complexes until I came to Healing Plus and after that it was like a magic wand. All is well now and I feel relaxed.


If you have any problem and Query please contact feel free our Team. Thank You